Thursday, August 06, 2009

From dusk till dawn

When momma was still in Macau she keep sending us smses telling us that "I got you a little something". Direct translation in cantonese wtf hahahahaha

And I thought I was the only one who got the SMS little did I know she sent mass sms to the sisters as well. One everyday -_- cheh

But heh, this is call the dusk pink Macau trip cause my mom is obsessed with dusk pink this season and went crazy and bought almost 30 pairs of the same shoes in similar designs with lotsa blings.

And because China is the mother of mother land of shopping, she is obligated to buy a lot. BUT NOT FOR ME cause I belong to the big foot familia T________T All sizes runs small T_T so no shoes for me but I have a share of dusk pink :P

:) (: :) (:

My mom took the box out I thought it was a wallet T_T but it is not cause she got me a Prada wallet just few months ago (and it now looks like it's 4 years old wtf)

A Pink metallic headband with jewels :D and some melted gold looking erm, applique thingy? It's kinda a weird shape, but I love the pink jewels!! So pretty and shiny. Not like stupid cheap shit you see lor... hmmph it kinda looks like a two headed frog here wtf

And I am very happy. Cause it is very me. Not in the sense of the design of headband, but it's very, understated. I don't like bags with blatant monograms and big prints of MARC JACOBS or blablabla. No signs of Miu Miu on the top of the headband (printed with miu miu wtf) and there's only a small tag underneath haha which I like. =D See momma knows me so well :P

and yes my plan to con my mom to get me a designer bag when I was back in KL failed la shuddap. -___-


Shikin Hambali said...

pink jewel two headed love from me!

TenderBlush said...


mary said...

haha . of course it doesnt look like stupid cheap shit .. coz its miu miu .. haha .. u should wear it and take a pic .. so can see it nicely .. hehe ..

Vivien T said...


...ILOVEIT WTF you can wear this on your head and go out nekkid ady :3

mustardqueen said...

shikin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA two headed what... i still cannot figure out is it frog or snake -_-

ainee: HAHAHAH it is!!! can even smell e leather when wearing it *sniff*

mary: I want to but i didnt bring it over with me to melb!! =(( and sigh, so expensive I tak sampai hati to wear it T_T

vivien: hahhahahaha mutated frog -______- yeah cause its miu miu mutated monkey i'll also wear =P if cheap shit Ill be like PTTOOOOOI go away wtf!!