Friday, August 07, 2009

The mostest randomest thing

I did the most random thing today.

Nancy came to my room to kepo.
Nancy told me to go on MSN so she can send me a link to something that links with her name which I thought was Heckle.
Nancy sent link.

Content of link.

Hui Ting realised it wasn't related to Heckle instead it was Milk.
Hui Ting kepo.
Hui Ting printed picture after saving and made it size: Mini.

Hui Ting folded according to the lines and glued it to the form of milk carton.
Hui Ting took picture of mini milk carton.



Hui Ting walked to the kitchen and passed it to Nancy.

End of story.

Get your facts right you don't wanna drink no pariah brand milk hahahaha.

Hui Ting going to search for more milk cartons and print them. :)


Ainee said...

wahhh looks blardy real to meeeee!

Tiqo said...

so very cute :D

YiNKy said...


mustardqueen said...

ainee: HHAHHAAH except its like mini mini size only 100ml :P WILL U BUY?? 100ml milk fr normal price haha =P

tiqo: YES IT IS!! :D

yinky: erm, next time we make our own milk la then can sell :P