Monday, August 31, 2009


I have never expressed my love for my home, my family and other things but I do care... I may look like I'm having the time of my life here but sometimes all I want is to run home (in this case fly) and just stay in. I miss home like hell.

Last night, I cooked one of the best dinner that I've had so far here in Melbourne. Nothing special, just some pork with potatoes in black sauce. But it brings back SO SO SO much memories of home. That familiar taste. I call that my homesick food (was feeling damn emo and suddenly felt like having some comfort food)

I had that dish since I was a kid or even before I was born and there was this phase I hated it so much I refuse to eat it. Then it came to that very hour before my flight to Melbourne I was suddenly craving for it. So badly. Served with soft hot fragrant rice. The most perfect texture I could get (cos there were a few times I screw up cooking rice either too soggy or too hard)

I did it. My grandma used to cook that dish almost every afternoon and I'll just gobble down 2 huge bowls of rice with egg soup and steam egg (hence the size haha).

Till when I'll be able to taste that again? The taste of home?

I may not love love love my country with a passion (read: corruption and politics mehhhh) but I still am a proud Malaysian, holding my malaysian identity, and spreading the love all the way from Melbourne. :)

Happy 52th Independence Day Malaysia.

Because Malaysia Boleh.

Malaysia, Terunggul.

(see I even brought a flag here!! and it's HUGE!!!)

my country, my home, where my heart belong to. <3


Jing said...

Shu Chai Chu Yok WTF! T_____T

Do express ur love to me pls! :D Missssss youuuu Si Garang! ;P

moon said...

Happy independence day!!!
*waves Malaysian flag!*