Thursday, August 20, 2009


When I first got here, Edmund (mom's friend's son who happen to be quite close to our family who moved to Melbourne since N years ago) treat me and dad to dinner.

And because it is LA AWESOME, decided to bring the sisters there!!!!

Not much picture though, just the food :P:P:P

Daikon Salad served with fresh cut sashimi and sesame dressing. I really like this salad (took a day off from my vegetarian thingy :P) cause everything is just so so fresh with a hint of sesame and slight sour lemon zest. OOH got ebi roe as well :D $ 14.50 per serving

Soft shell crab with lemon cream. HEH, who won't want some crispy soft shell crab??? yummerrrrssss $ 13 or 15 can't remember

light seared salmon nigiri. CHECK OUT THE GRILLED MARKS!!! Means it's not like how Sushi Zanmai did it use the flamer and just burn it but they actually grill it!!! With a very light smokey taste. :D me likey.. $ 3.50 per piece

Spicy Prawn and avocado sushi roll. I mean nothing special la but it's good too, cept the prawns are a bit too spicy that I cannot add wasabi =(

Roast duck breast fillet on eggplant. My "peking duck" fix hahahahaha cause the sweet dark sauce tasted a bit like the peking duck sweet sauce you use to wrap in T_T I find the sweet sauce a little too heavy, it covers the taste of the duck. Cause the eggplant marinated as well, so a bit too salty/strong. Would love it if it's just light japanese soy. :D $ 16

wrote down the prices incase you Melbournians wanna give it a try :D

Some of the other dishes we did not order... Think will try the beef the next time i go :D

no post is complete without my cb face... i know you love me hoho <-- kena sepak...

macha ice creammmmmmmmmm..... $ 4.50 <-- quite ok considering I had one at some cheapo jap restaurant for 6 bucks!!! creamy green tea ice cream, like Starbucks' green tea frappe huhu

Horoki - 9 Liverpool St.

i feel like giving up finding the way there cause who would have thought liverpool st is actually this TINY lane -_- should just call Liverpool lane so i don't have to go thru lanes and streets figuring out where to go -_- and my sisters are from malaysia they walk super slow HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FAIL!!

Think I should just blog based on places we go. If I go by DAY 1 2 3 which I hate to do so, it'll be too quick =p I wanna slowly post one by one. :P

yeay new shoes. <3


YiNKy said...

ahhhh. i haven't been catching up with u lately because i was busy. :(

and looking at the good food makes me miss pigging out with u so much!!

and ur picture, u looooook soooooo japanese sumhow. ;)

Jing said...

Woman, new shoes again ar? -.-

I miss Melbourne! T___T I had Sushi Zanmai ystd, BLEARGH not nice! T__T