Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After 10 days of squeezing, non stop fighting and laughters, many outings to whatever that involves food, drinking, food, and more drinks, posh places to casinos, and living the Melbourne life, they're now on the way to the airport.

It may be the most tiring 1o days of my life juggling between hectic schedules, assignment deadlines and "THE" life, it was all worth it. I may be throwing tantrum at some times but it was of frustration and I dunno what to express as I was really reallly realllllllllly tired.

Dear life, it's time to get back to reality.

See you in another 4 months uglies. :P


Cindy Khor said...

you must really miss them... take care of yourself...

Betty A. said...

saw ur sis punye balmain-like jacket?? where she buy?? i want one too!!! heheheh

revel in me said...

Hahhaha wtf we really damn ugly!!

We both cried in the car. T___T But I counted while crying, it's less than 3 months! :D :D :D

Jing said...


Eh if i come back would u still accept me? *begs*

mustardqueen said...

cindy: hahahaha more like they'll miss me mre =P but yeah.. ill see them soon in 3 months!!! haha its like they've never left *sigh*

betty: sportsgirl. too bad last piece =/

RIM: theres not only lazy ppl who'll look ugly there are ppl wo're born ugly WTF hahahahahahahahahahaha YALAHHHH i told my friends they laugh like mad hahahahaha

jing: :P fuckkk ugly la hahahahha and no i wont accept u hahahahahaha no space for u my room is so mch more spacy now :D