Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's been too long

Friends have been doubting whether the real Hui Ting came back to Melbourne cause... I HAVENT BEEN SHOPPING!!!

I've been back for 2 weeks and all I bought is... A Blazer.

A BLAZER. ONE! And some random shit like harlequin underwear and eye mask and sailor hat and no more. And sheets <3333 I love my new sheets they're 300 thread count and I got it on DISCOUNT WOOT WOOT! Next I wanna get the black white rococo floral ones from Laura Ashley 70% off!! Shit man Melbourne is bringing the stepford wives in me T_T Been cooking almost everyday, vegetarian rocks. Cooking myself makes it easier, so much easier. :D

I got my dress for the International Ball yesterday.

Nothing elaborate but I'm trying to recreate this look.

Kate Moss ar not Marc kor wtf :P:P

I wanna wear a turban since the theme is Film Noir don chu think it's very 1920s wearing turban? :D:D:D:D But my friends all went like O____o what a TURBAN?

-_- Not turban wrap la, turban headband ok.

The dress is something like that I'm still thinking what to put on my head. Earings? Bangles? =/ AND BAG =( A Miu Miu clutch would do me perfect. :D:D:D:D:D:D

My only loot from Camberwell last week -_- BUT I LOIKE!!!! GUESS HOW MUCH! SO CHEAP I FAINTED AND PAID THE GIRL wtf

Now I can look like a true drop wtf

love love love love love love makes the world go round <--- can remember which cartoon network song? :D

super cheap floral bodycon skirt.

CUTE CLUTCH! Cannot resist the bow.

Wait till you see the front!!

Turned into a tote!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D SO CUTE RIGHT??

From Pulp Kitchen. And it's an original Marvel comics design ok I issa pro. For the price I paid I think it's pretty decent cause you cannot really find it anywhere ey? :D

Ok no more. Got la but no pictures, part of it include the dress and makeup for the free makeover wtf. I cannot do my own makeup to save myself. EVERYTIME during big events when I do my own makeup I'll either smudge my eyeliner or my falsies come off. And erm oily and ugly.

OK brb going vintage fair now. :)


Jacqueline said...

wow, you look so pretty in that pictures. =) & the clutch is sooo cute.

TenderBlush said...

cantik nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Leez said...

song is from powerpuff girls!! :D

Cindy Khor said...

i think the clutch cum tote is very cool. 2 in 1. and quite pretty too...

mustardqueen said...

jacqueline: hahahah thank u dear!! :D and yess the clutch bag thingy is so cute!! i brought it out ppl were like omg whats that hahahahah =P

ainee: hahahah what is best?? :P All ar =P

leez: CORRIGHT!!

cindy: pretty when turn into a clutch with the bow (but actually quite ordinary cause its jst a black clutch but when u turn over got comic haha so fun wtf

siewkwan said...

Yesss, I sec Jac, u looked sweet and very pretty!

Anonymous said...

you look very pretty in the colored contacts! freshlook?

Anonymous said...

you look very pretty in the colored contacts! freshlook?

C.H. Lee said...

not sure who you are, discovered your blog on facebook cos you added me... love reading your blog... you've got STYLE gurl!!!

mustardqueen said...

siewkwan: :))))) thank u dear.... dunno leh maybe as i grow older not only wiser but prettier wtf hahahahahahaha

anonymous: yeap! freshlook colourblends. :)

chlee: ohhh wellll not sure if u rmbr me but seeing this comment i can see u dun la but we were once in e same tute in Monash :P Anyway thanks!!! din know u have a fashion blog :P

Anonymous said...

freshlook colourblends in grey? it really suites you!

C.H. Lee said...

OMG!!! i'm so terribly sorry... it's u isit. now i remember, same management tute in monash last year.

mustardqueen said...

anonymous: Yeap!! :)

chlee: hahahaa its ok, jst that we happen to be in ONE same tutorial haha =P ur in melb now>?> i see Zu shoes in ur blog haha