Saturday, September 26, 2009


Will be on a short holiday till Wednesday. (Am currently on the plane now and NO I did not pay for shits to go online cause I issa flying BUDGET!!! And yes this is call a scheduled post)

Much needed vacation (instead of my virtual one from weeks ago wtf)

WHEEEEEEEEE, Brisbane marilah saya! Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, MOVIE WORLD~~~~

TANNING~~ Just hope I won't come back a red lobster and return to Malaysia like a King Kong wtf cause black T_T I don't want!!! The last time and the LAST time I had a tan was back in Primary Six and I was left with some mat rempit brown colour skin tone for the longest longest longest time I do not want to flash back/recall. T_T

I only had 3 hours of sleep from packing and got a shock from knowing the train time we checked is wrong and have to wakeup extra early to catch a train and remember I am flying budget fml T_T I'm gonna KO on my first day lor T_T

Be right back loves. :)

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Joshua said...

Have fun!