Friday, September 18, 2009

I is fine

I hate feeling defeated, weak, and i dunno, feeling I failed everyone I love. I disappoint them.

I just hate to be weak. I may look big and tough (literally) but hey, have you heard of a tough cookie?? It may look tough and crispy and delicious on the outside, but i'm still all soft and chewy and delicious inside (no pun intended wtf)

And also because I have to buckup and be strong because I know many haters would love to see me crumble and fall into pieces. But I will slowly quote unquote Rachel "I can gather all the pieces, and slowly piece them back together"

And afterall, who give two fucks about my emotions right, all you do when you visit is to see how I spend money and how I'll suffer in the end and all you wanna see is me, failing or getting weaker by day. (evil ppl >=( )

it all happened after chaddie sales. I DUNNO WHY!!! Why would someone be sad even after shopping??? T_T

I finally got bathing suit!!!! STFU that I dun have flat tummy but I wanna syok sendiri can??

said prettiest cardigan in the world. ISNT IT THE PRETTIEST THING IN THE WORLD?????? <3

It started when I have the urge to get something from Alannah Hill and I went in and saw this love in pastel blue I wanted to try it and while queuing up I saw this nude baby hang on the rack. ANd i like this better <3


french lace and diamante button and diamantes on the neckline *melt*

baby was on sale and there is further 20% off *melts*

it's actually a darker shade of lavender.

heart (no pun intended)

and I know I just bought a cheapo heart cardi from New Look but the material is so rough I can scrub myself with that wtf.*sayangs new cardi haha*

friends ordered some shit from Forever 21 and I tagged along =P SO CUTE RIGHT THE TEE!!??? :D


and how to not be happy when you can see cloudless blue skies and the sunset is just breathtaking (one of the reason I love my Berwick ulu town *heart*)

but the good weather never last in Melbourne, you see blue skies today, tomorrow will greet you with a big fat thunder and gloomy skies.

But so far weather forecast says that it's gonna be all sun and no rain till next week. :) Hello UV Rays!! :D


Joshua said...

I know what you mean when you said it's hard to be upset when the sun is shining!

I feel less moody and less exhausted/sleepy, negative when the weather is perfect! Because it hardly happens in Melbourne frequently. Nowadays, even if I have to go alone, when the weather is perfect on a Saturday, I'll go for a walk in the beach.

yean said...

i know u can do it.. cheer up ting!
i m spreading my birthday luck to u.. =)

jaclyn said...

i have the same cream cardi as you, except that i got it in blue instead. and awwwww... you're not fat at all! and trust me, NO ONE has a flat tummy

mustardqueen said...

josh: LUCKY!!! U know the beach is bout 2 hours away from me T____T I want a car then I can fetch u to the beach T_____T Sigh, but look on the bright side at least we can have something to look forward to, which is the good weather wtf!!

yean: thanks love :D

jaclyn: YEAH I saw the blue one at first then I liked the nude one better!!!! But I'm sure the blue will look fab on you!! :D