Sunday, October 04, 2009


damn pretty right

losing the mojo again.

Words spoken can be hurtful but sometimes warming, some things are better left unsaid than to be told, what you don't know won't hurt you. Read it from Schuz blog, keeping quiet in a conversation may mean that I don't give two shits or there is also another side call I want to listen instead of participating in a conversation. Because I'm not wikipedia or the world wide web I do not know everything that you say that makes me want to participate, I prefer to listen, and learn.

if keeping quiet makes you think that I'm snobbish or plain boring, sorry you need to know me better. I prefer keeping myself in my own silent space than blabbering all the time. I find it tired to be in a conversation, I'm not a socialite or PR that I have to keep talking all the time. I need my own space to think. to feel. When I need to talk, I will talk.

And part of the reason why I listen is because people never listens when I talk, whether is it a warning or something, anything that I talk. So instead of playing my part to talk, I took over their part to listen. I listen for them, I listen to them, because they never listen enough because they prefer to talk, so I help THEM to listen. See I'm such a saint.

So the next time someone talks, just try to listen, you may be surprise by what you may get.

talk is cheap, words are harsh. But live with it.

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Cindy Khor said...

its easy to be the talker but 1000 times harder to be the listener, i like your attitude where you really care about people cuz people who listens are those that cares. just shunt out those harsh word if it keeps hurting you cuz the talker really doesn't know any better