Thursday, October 01, 2009


Someone must have slipped two mini knives on my slippers that I now have a cracked heel with 2 small cuts, so deep, so deep. It hurts when I walk =/ HOW!??? How to save/rescue/fix the crack heel may I ask? It hurts A LOT!!!! I tried scrubbing it but it didn't help, and my heels (not shoes heel but the heel part of my foot wtf) have his super hard rock like dead skin there T_______T

very pain. HELP.

Brisbane was fun. Gold Coast was awesome too!!! :D

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Rachelle said...

Aww.. sorry to hear about the heel problem. Try soaking your feet in warm water, exfoliate em, butter em up with body butter or extra kao lotion, and stick em in socks overnight. :D Rinse and repeat for a couple of days. Haha like I'm giving recipe wtf.

Excited to read about the sunshine-y Gold Coast! :)