Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear che-che

Because I feel extremely bad for not being there when someone needs me (yes being a little perasan here thinking many people need me but still) because that someone is whom I love, respect and wish I could be.

Reading my sister's recent post on her breakout made me teared a lot. Not just cause I wasn't there for her (blame hormones also) but also cause what she's going through now is what I have been through few years ago. Not about acne breakout but more on body image.

And because then I stopped loving myself and I hated how I look and I feel unloved by everyone and I feel as if the world loaths me and I should die immediately.

But I persevered.

Because people don't just stop loving, loving someone has no reasons to that and when u stop loving yourself, you will think to yourself what's there to love? And that is when people start to stop loving.

But one solution to that is that you'll have to start learning how to love yourself. Well this is just an alternative cause everybody loves you. Learning is a very tough process and god knows what is coming after that. But you might be surprise of what you learn to love each day, it might be how this gorgeous dress you put on that makes you look amazing, or how the arch of your brows make you look extraordinary today.

I took approximately 5 years to learn, how to appreciate every single curve and skin cell I have, and if I feel confident on how I look, people will think so too. Because when someone don't feel confident about themselves, no one will look up upon you.

Where is the sister which I look up to who's always prancing around with her beanie and shoulderpads and animal brooches? I'd like to see her again this November 18th.

When you're learning how to love yourself, don't forget I'll be here to give you guidance and lotsa loving.

I shall start writing a book on "Dummy's guide to loving yourself". :)

And when you think that you're all alone and with nothing left to love, look around, the people you walk pass, the lamp post that the dog pee on that you pass, they are for you. The little kopitiam at the roadside, the little yellow flower you see down the pavement, they are for you. And today this post I dedicate it to you.



jappuffy said...

Heya darls.

That was a really lovely post and it warms my heart to see how the 3 of you is so loving to each other.

Makes me wished my parents gave me a sister too :)

I am sure despite whatever your sis is feeling, she will feel the love you have for her.

She is a strong girl whom so many people love, acne or no acne, she is still the same beautiful strong and charming girl.

With your love, your family, her besties and her bf, I am sure she will feel better in time to come.

Hugs and much prayers for her to heal well soon.

Jappuffy Rach

Cindy Khor said...

totally inspirational. ok, from now on, i'm gonna start treating myself with more chocolates and candies

Ainee said...

awhhhhhhhh i feel like crying reading this! :( :(

Anonymous said...

you know what?
I absolutely love your curves!
and your face.

certainly not typical.
very versatile and it just oozes some sort of special.

embrace it!
because i would.