Friday, October 23, 2009


Because when life treats you too well, you'll realise that there are still things that you want most but you don't get it.

Exams in 2 weeks. Home in 4 weeks.

I have mixed feelings. I cannot wait to live my second life, yet at the mean time I still wanna continue my life here (but finances do not allow wtf)

I'm not ready to face the family yet. Not ready for the hot and humid weather (though it's been warming up a lot lately). And most importantly I'm not ready for exams.

I kinda screwed up one major assignment at a 30% weightage and I am seriously bothered by it. Because smiles could not hide them anymore, I am just tired. I want to stop thinking and just play unblock me on my iTouch.

Life's been uninspiring and mundane lately. Nancy just turned 21 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HECKLE MUSTARD LOVE YOU LONG TIME). No shopping done lately (thank god) no studies done at the moment (not good) so means no material for blogging! :D Howhappy. I shall just announce the death of this blog, besides i don't care if anyone still reads. meh

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