Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hey there neighbour.

What not to love about today?

A really cute post from mymilktoof, a phone call from mom, sunshine after the rain, and a little bright green envelope in my mailbox. :)

Everything put a little smile on my face.

Today, I feel loved.

My first official letter written by someone that's sent to me. The other "letters" I got are either bank letters (meh) parcels(yeay) and rent (boo).

I wanted to write a wall post to the one who sent me this. but posting fail -_- So, here it goes:

Because you never fail to cheer me up. They say greeting cards are for people who cannot truly express what they wanna say or how they felt, but I say greeting cards does help in expressing one self, but it's the matter of choosing the right card to express yourself. :) With our without the imaginary neighbourhood we are still inseparable no? As long as you're online and I'm online we're in our neighbourhood already :D In the world wide web, though virtual, we can still talk gossip bitch shop and do whatever we want, there are no boundaries (except for the wall of our houses wtf). I feel less unhappy lately and this bright green envelope just cheered me up even more. The sensation of opening a letterbox with a bright green envelope sitting inside waiting to be open up, it felt really good. Because I know there is still people who care, the comfort of knowing that despite having imaginary friends neighbourhoods and millions of stars in the milky way, we're truly not alone.

Thank you bestfriend.

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YiNKy said...

u don't have to thank me. u always deserve the love from me. :) even if we are inseperable, i still miss eating out and shopping with u! still miss the touch touch sensation. D: