Thursday, October 08, 2009

Time goes by so slowly

in approximately 13 hours I'll have to hand in one major assignment, due at 3pm. And till now, 2 of my groupmates have yet to send me their parts which they have promised to send it to me by last night, which was 2 hours ago.

Sitting here, writing executive summary and conclusion and editing all the parts that I've done, which is about 70% (which is exaggeration, I think I did more) of the total assignment, waiting impatiently, still not showered.

Sometimes I wonder if I really make the right choices for myself, or am I just playing a fool with my life.

I'm expecting quite a lot of editing work to be done by god knows when, hopefully group member x sends in by tomorrow morning so I don't have to rush X's part last minute, making me doing 90% of the assignmet.



Brenda said...

I hope you got your assignment in on time.. It sucks having irresponsible groupmates!

Cindy Khor said...

hopefully everything would turn out alright. after this, you definitely could celebrate!!! ^__^