Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm a survivor

"Then since now you know it's like that, it's time to do something about it", he said.

I tried my best to do what I think is best for me, I strive I suffered I cried and I tried. Really hard. And I survived.

What makes me feel even stronger is I persevered till the very end. I wrote 30 pages filled of answers till my hands tremble, with only a cup of coffee in the morning and a bottle of peach tea, I completed 2 examinations, though all light headed at the end, as if I'm running till the finishing line of a race, I see the finish line but I'm still there, my pen races me to the finishing line.

And this journey continues again in approximately 4 months. But for now, I shall enjoy a short term freedom, and pack my life away. Emptying this room, memories and a lot of shoes to this place call home, which I have not seen for 4 months, and not knowing what to expect.

And start leading my second life, with the ones I once love, and still is loving, my family (includes maid and dogs wtf) and my friends, and my love yin <3333333333 Who's coming back from San Francisco. <33333333


Sammy said...

looking forward to see you when i get back! :D
do you know i almost forgot purchasing the gold tassel-necklace/belt/scarf from you?
*loud dramatic gasp in horror*

Anonymous said...

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