Monday, November 16, 2009


Because everyone are perceived of having multiple selves that we behave differently in different situations, because we're all consumers and I took this from my consumer behaviour textbook. NARF!

I'm now packing my life into boxes and china LV bag, and store it in this deep dark storage, and take my olive green imaginary trunk (because it's an ugly green luggage, the most ordinary you can ever get) and live my second life. Or was it my first one.

Because only those who've been away from home and have a complete different set of friends would understand this, and the not so good part is this complete different set of people that I'm referring to is in the neighbour country. Which is approximately 100 times smaller, but 100 times safer and people there are 1.00times skinnier (not the decimal point)

this post was actually written two days ago but was postponed till today due to an impromptu to Philip Island wtf the beaches there are amazing, it's like a paradise you've never seen, and the gradient of the sea and the horizon blend together it was freaking awesome. Pictures later.

Right now I'll go recycle some eye bags and shall prepare to concuss in the plane later at 3.40pm. And I guess after several episodes of family guy (more like 10) and few movies later I'll be back.

I felt like I have not learnt anything this semester and I am screwed imo.

It's time to say hello to tropical sunshine for 3 months. :)

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