Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copied from somewhere, but it lives to nowhere.

beautiful words from often nameless faces. sad songs from the deepest of places. secret words from the fingers of strangers. this place is safe; so bare your soul, break down the walls, say farewell to your fears and forget all judgement; let go.

tell me a story. tell me a secret. tell me a joke. tell me what happened today. share, even if you're tom, dick or harry. :)


Anonymous said...

I got upset thinking about cheating ex-boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

today the father of the person that i used to like survived his operation of tumour removal :))

...since i still care, maybe it should not be "used to" - instead it should be "still"? no?

Anonymous said...

today i fell in love.

Anonymous said...

I'm always the one to pick myself back up when I'm down.

I'm okay now, I guess.

This picture cheered me up.

Maybe it's the colours?

Hmm :)

gin said...

Today I missed someone who don't even think of me...

Anonymous said...

me too. *sobs*

mustardqueen said...

anon1: I may not know how it felt to have a cheating ex boyfriends but I know it'd be devastating. =( I can imagine how the gf would feel. I never understand why someone could not be loyal to one person forever. It's life I guess, karma will get back at them.

anon2: I'm so glad he went through his operation. :) And I feel happy for you too, I understand how you'd feel happy for people you care. I'm sure one day he'll care for you like how he cared for his father as well. :)

anon3: It's such a beautiful thing. :) I feel really happy for you and hopefully I'll fall in love someday.

anon4: It's often tough to get back up when you fall, but I'm so used to picking myself back up when I'm down that I'm not used to relying on someone if I am down. I'll find my ways to cheer myself up even though I won't be as happy as ever, but I'll try to be optimistic and live everyday as happy as I can. :) I love weheartit. I'm decorating my future room based on the pictures there, everything there is just so full of love it just brightens everybody's mood. :)

gin: Don't we all experience that? :) I totally understand. But someone might be missing you on the other side. :) Cheer up.

Anon5: Don't get too upset. When someone doesn't think of you but you missed that someone, always think that there are always many other people who thougth of you. :)