Friday, December 18, 2009


I actually felt happy working today. Not sure if it's the extra short break or extra tired legs or the sudden surprise of 2 old friends' surprise visit (and got a shock). For the first time (out of the 4 days) I feel, happy, with my job. And not so happy after paying my ticket and leaving 1 utama cause the jam was a bitch.

I need you guys to do me a favour. Talk to me, leave a comment, a thought or anything. I'll respond to it once I have time. That 4 anonymous who left me a comment in the previous post, made me smile. :)


gin said...

Hey HuiTing.

I m so scare when I started on my first part time job...i almost cried out asking mummy to give me a big hug...well of course i didn't.

After a few days, i begin to enjoy work as I realized that there are so many things that i cant find them in textbooks. So babe enjoy this process of learning, it may be tough at time but just remember to do your best an be true to yourself! :)

Smile Always :)

Rachelle said...

Heya there! :)
The other day I bought a cute top that was marked $2.95.. but because it was on clearance, I got it 30% off at the counter! Haha random I know, but purchases like that make me smileeee! Wishing you lots of great shopping finds too (haha wtf so wu liao one me)~~ :P

p/s: I've been following your blog for quite a while now... haha coz it's addicting la! XD Keep up the good work!

Felice said...

Hey Hui Ting, I've been a silent reader for a while & i follow your 2 sisters blog too as it's really addictive!

Work can be really crappy at times but heck, don't let it get to ya too much & you'll be fine. After all, these experiences will make you better prepared for more to come in the near future. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your sisters' blogs.. you all have a great sense of fashion! I also have two elder sisters and I love being the youngest.. Okay, totally irrelevant..

Working can be quite a drag but its nice to buy something with the money that you earned.. You will enjoy it someday.. :) Have a nice day!!! Keeup updating your blog!


popcorng said...

I love your hair and bangs!

The thing is my bangs always part in middle or gap open weirdly! =(

Anonymous said...

i bought a donald duck ring for 30 cents! : D

Anonymous said...

I woke up at noon today :)

qw said...

I always sleep at ungodly hours so I'm tired enough to fall asleep straight away. I hate having my thoughts go havoc on me.

Is there any remedy to feeling empty?

mustardqueen said...

anon1: me too!!! but I didn't go back to a mother's hug instead I took a longer shower than usual dry my hair and plop on my bed and restart cycle the next day. But just I agree with you, the longer you work, the more you grow to like it. :)

rachelle: I KNOW I LOVE THESE PURCHASES TOO!!! :D Supre always have sales and they'll have further 50% off, though only basic stuff on sale but GOOD ENOUGH Me loikeee :D And thank you :)

felice: I totally understand. :) What I expected before I started is totally different frm what I'm getting now. :) Totally different but I like it, it's a change and I'm adapting to it and I like changed. =D

anon2: but with the monney I'm earning now I'm barely covering the parking fees and expensive breaks I'm having! They should at least subsidize some. =( But it's ok, the longer I work the more I'll get, then I'll be able to reward myself. :)

popcorn: Thank u!!! :) I know right I havee to blow it everyday and night -_-

anon3: FROM WHERE!??? Thrifting?? I love love love getting cheap shit =DD

anon4: Wish I could do that too!! :) But my day will come soon once I have an off day. :) But sometimes I feel extremely guilty for waking up late but then again it feels so good having a long sleep with no dreams!! :D

qw: I used to sleep at ungodly hours and waking up like noon then it's doing my skin no good so I started to sleep earlier. Also cause of work. I hate it when there's thoughts going around my head and keeping me awake, but just take deep breaths, concentrate on your breathing instead of those thoughts, you'll be asleep before you knew it. :)

My remedy to filling up those emptiness is to eat a bowl of hot chicken and mushroom instant noodle from Cintan. I dunno why, each time it gets to me I'll just have a bowl of that. With my chopsticks I just take up a huge mouthful and stuff it in. And chew slowly, it just cures everything. Add an egg too if you like. :) I know it's not that kind of emptiness you're referring too I understand what you meant, but it'll make things better. Feel better now dear! :)

Lainey said...

your new haircut is awesome! :) not a lot of ppl could pull it off, and you did it very well!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to make Portuguese egg tarts today for the very first time :D

ilovethaifood said...

i saw a guy scratch his balls in public today. Why do guys always do that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
You have hit the mark.

YiNKy said...


i've been a bit down lately, but because i have so many ppl around me, i don't feel as down.

i'm feeling down for the "most stupidest" reasons......

anyhow, i'm looking foward to meet u and the gang. :D

YiNKy said...


i've been a bit down lately, but because i have so many ppl around me, i don't feel as down.

i'm feeling down for the "most stupidest" reasons......

anyhow, i'm looking foward to meet u and the gang. :D

Anonymous said...

naw, just saw it in a random shop :)
here :

hope you're feeling better! ^^

mustardqueen said...

lainey: Thank you!! But my bangs growing tooo fast it's been poking my eyes a lot lately and I gave myself a trim and i think i screwed it T_T need to go to the hairdresser soon =/

anon 11.15: I tried making it before!!! :D But my crust did not rise cause I didn't use a fork and poke holes on the crust so it didn;'t rise but the egg filling was good yummm :D GOOD LUCK!! Show me pictures of the end results :)

ilovethaifood: EEEwwwww but i guess that's better than seeing a man masturbating in public... -_- i've seen that i think that's worse =/ I duno why they do that in public but I think they shud at least go to the toilet!!! it's jst plain gross

yinky: LAFU!!! talk to me on the stupidest reason that made you sad. :) I am sure things will be better very soon once you're back. =DD Because there's always downs and then you'll come back right UP again. :) It's not always as straight as you think!! <3

anon donaldduck ring: AWW SO CUTE!!! :D You take wonderful pictures as well, so clear and I see a xmas tree in the background!! :D:D:D:D I want the ring also!! =DDD