Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Queen

Queen is taking a short vacation to Macau.

Write to me then. :) Leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! :)

Hey, have you heard about
Nooo I'm not advertising lol.
Just sharing the smiles :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy your trip there! enjoy your shopping there!

Anonymous said...

have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

your blog is fun to read!enjoy your holiday!!!you are pretty!

Anonymous said...

hope your trip'll bring you smiles! :D

mustardqueen said...

anon1: YEA ive seen that before!! My bff gave me the link when I was feeling really down one day. It brightened my day so much knowing that everyday there is a new hope. :) I'm glad you share the same thoughts about it as well. :)

anon2: Thank you!! I enjoyed shopping there a lot :)

anon 3: Thank u I did!! =P

anon4: *shy* hahaha Thank you!!

anon5: nothing brings me smiles than having a fun trip with my family and good food and shopping. :)

Sammy said...

have fun at macau, dear!
as for the gold tasseled thingy, i have no choice but to opt for pos laju as i will no longer be in selangor after this saturday!
will deposit the remaining sum (rm15+rm6, izit?) and notify u through your cbox here, ok?

mustardqueen said...

Sam: AWW!!! I feel so bad I always cannot make it for meetups!! =( You can email me at smilin_ting (@) k! :) And cause it's jst a necklace u can jst deosit RM 3 for Post Express instead of poslaju, cheaper liddat :)

siewkwan said...

Have fun aight? Take more street shots, bring us there through your lens! Always think that you are quite good with photography! :D