Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All these thingss

Haven't been taking pictures of myself because I got a haircut recently and I'm very insecure about it.

And I have all these random thoughts about dying and reliving my childhood how contradicting. And I have been thinking too much that I am thinking about nothing so I decided to jot it down.

Things like why am I here what would it be when I die and what if I shit, I feel like pooping and going out for breakfast so I took out the tiramisu I made on first day of CNY in hopes of giving it to my loved one but then there is no one to eat them so fml. And then I had half of it for breakfast so I'm all high on RUM now. YUM RUM! :D <-- signs of high-ness. And then I thought of making a new batch of tiramisu for the CNY gathering this friday to celebrate yunxin and shaun's belated 21st birthday just to blow candles for birthday die die must blow out candles every year. And then I realised I soaked the butterfingers a little too much with coffee so next round not too much cause my tiramisu is flooded now. T_T

And then I'm sulking why my angpow money so little what also cannot buy and then I thought of giving yin a key for her 21st present and then I need to start packing a year supply of liquids moisturizers for Melbourne. And a little quarelling yesterday ruined my entire day making me so upset that I want to leave right away and then I had super expensive buy yummer dinner and watched Valentine's Day. I know the happy endings are always kinda corny and fake but somehow the process of it all is very real. Like I prefer movies that are real and related to life rather than fake fairy tales. But I still want to watch Little Mermaid.

And I need to get my skincare like very very soon before I leave if not I dunno what it'll become D: I think I need to go now. Toilet time. My hair looks a bit like this now, minus the face of course and less soft and straigter. I want to STEAMMMMMM my hair with gooey thick rich cream that'll make my hair so smooth nom.

I know right. so short.

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YiNKy said...

eh, where got short. =.=;;