Thursday, February 18, 2010

My little heart

This time I'll be leaving home with a heavier heart.

It is true that that place I am leaving to is not where I belong, not where a lot of us belonged. A stepping stone I'd call it, which I will dearly miss it the day I'll leave.

Summer holiday was long, 3 months to be exact. I decided to go back a week before to settle down, unpack my 10 cartons of shit, and just settle down. The last time I went back, it was such a rush, I had to rush for classes after I touch down, in an empty room, not even a towel for me to wash my face. It wasn't pleasant at all. And I may use that one free week to visit the other sister in Sydney or just, sit back and relax the dry air and little yellow flowers on the side of the pavements.

3 months went pass so quickly, and I leave home a little heavier each time (no pun intended cause CNY made me put on so much weight fml) because my heart grows heavier. Not sure why but it has always been hard. Either to settle down in a completely new environment (gonna shift to flats ya'll!) or getting to know new people once again, new courses, new coursemates, new lecturers. Just strangers in short.

Not sure if I'm ready for another round of adventure, either to find new clothes or challenge myself to get an AUD2 dress (the last time I scored an AUD 3.75 dress woot) or to cook new things, try new things and not burning down the house.

Clasp on tight my dear, for this ride might be wild. And then it'll soon be over. :)

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