Thursday, February 11, 2010

D: :D D: :D

I has a sad. I have yet to found my CNY first day outfit and all I have is a pair of floral denim shorts. =( Then wear what on the top!? T_____T

And YEAY finally got my paycheck after, forever.

Going back on the 21st Feb, SO SOON! =(

Have yet to pack =(

Happy things:

Imma BAKE cookaysssss nomnomnom

Imma paint my nails prettay

I NEED a pedicure desperately cause my toes are rotting D:

Favourite emoticon: D: it's like jaw drop when bad things happen haha

chocolates it is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA And I'm not suppose to take so much sugar cause it's not good for my kidney -_- remember some fecal caused shit like literally WTF!!!! hahahaha

I think the Japanese does the ombre thing better, the angmoh ones just look, dry and messy and looks like bad regrowth! D:

*wipe saliva with hanky* Scruffy ME LOIKE

WINNER! Love the plastic disc RING and his "necklace" is the shit! LOVE!!!! And KONG YOKE YIN that time I gave you my lab goggles now I want it back cause it's the new in thing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA LOVE!!!!

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YiNKy said...

LMAO. u dun have to shout out my full name ok? well, i think it's still at home in malaysia. go my house and go in my room and find if u dare. :)