Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have you seen a diamond?

Clear bright skies, at night. Funny but it's extraordinarily clear tonight, stuck in the traffic jam after a cuppa Freddo's Coconut and Macha gelati. Looking at out the skies. The freeway is always dark, not even bright car high lights are able to shine through. Endless deep thoughts, deep dark secrets hidden in the night. And then they were better things that could shine through these darkness.

the stars.

The night when I flew off, I was caught offguard by sleep, not much of sleep just occasional dozing off and waking up with a sore neck. And with blurred out vision, I saw polka dots of white on navy blue background, like a beautiful canvas. I put on my glasses, I could see the entire milky way in front of my eyes again. It made the sore neck go away, the flowing mucus stopped dripping down. It was just amazing. Stars must be colliding with dust, colliding with other smaller stars to shine brighter, like a race to see who is to shine the brightest.

I have one which I call it the Guardian. Guardian cause I realise wherever I go, it is always the brightest star shining on me, telling me to believe I'm being watched, I'm being loved, I'm being guarded. I feel safe. A sense of security which I have always longed for. And there were just so many stars that there were actually 20 other combination of Orion's belt, I could not find the real one (I'm very interested in seeing the full Orion person/figure outlined by stars cause I'm a saggitarian. Learnt about that when I was in primary 5 if memory did not serve me wrong.

And so I closed my eyes and made wishes. Lots of wishes (my neighbour prolly thought I went to sleep again). Just in case a shooting star passed me by without me noticing. Just in case. It was just a great great great feeling. Even airasia flight (previous time around, it was so badddd but the stars up 35000 feet just made it so much better!!) was pure bliss.

Now that I have a 'garden' I can actually just walk out and lay on the lawn to gaze at them meteors. :)

Ahh, I think it'd be better to private this again. Just for security purposes.