Thursday, February 25, 2010

6th Sense

my 6th sense told me that something bad is going to happen. Which will involve many late night sleeps and self burying in tears.

Seriously when will all this end?

A very happy me with bouncy healthy hair after treatment <3

This is like my new favourite fire cracker. You burn and run, then it'll start to burst out with fire sparklers, like a fountain. Mad pretty. If you have the hologram glasses it'd be EVER better =DD

spoilt wannabe 10 year old, or was it 8 wasting my fire cracker away. =/


lights shine across everywhere, so pretty. No strings attached, free falling, deep thinking. Freedom is what I seek. And then you die from inhaling too much of the smoke from burning of the fire crackers.

I touched and I was burnt, but I never learn. Why? It's like this black hole that sucks you in, then you fall deeper and deeper and deeper and you have no idea where you're falling until one day you reach the end, it'll crush you. bad.

btw, I'm back on Reductil.

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revel in me said...

Since when do you have such a pretty drapey top!! Tak ajak wtf.