Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loves in highschool

Funny how people are so much more older, and still can NOT think like an adult.

They say growing old is obligatory, but growing up is optional. But you don't have to cancel it all out from your life you see, you have to grow up at least old enough to think maturely and act like an adult.

Is it really that important to be the queen in a school/area? Does it mean I'll benefit from it all? I mean you're not getting "ufti" from being a queen that you declared yourself as. I find it rather funny. =/

And from what I see, being the queen of "bitch", will end up being all alone, with no friends to turn to, but yourself. Sad much?


Vic said...

this post reminds me of blair in gossip girl! lol

Anonymous said...

agree with the last sentence :)