Saturday, March 27, 2010

You seem to come and go I never seem to know

What I have been up to?


But not so good news, I have an assignment due, not big, just 2000 words and 15% worth, it's actually nothing compared to some 50% assignment. But then I'll have to sleep late every night and wake up early to join her to venture around Melbourne. =(

I think I am falling sick soon, not enough rest. =(





crazy nice sunset outside my room one random night. I switched off my lights and saw the skies were fading into shades of pink and navy. :)

And on Thursday while walking back from Woolworths after my jogging session (ran to safeway to get groeceries so healthy wtf) then I saw the sunset, it was pink!!!!! And pink clouds were covering the sun, and last rays of sunlight were shining through. :)

huhu my love collapsed but I fixed it now. =( So sad it won't last wouldn't it (metaphorically and literally)

too poor have to sew patches of sheer cloth onto my leggings boo!!! Buy the iPod already!!! :D

reason why thou shan't wear leggings as pants. -_- I actually wore a longer top underneath my silk top!!! =D

cardi with pearls: macau
grey asymmetrical hem top: topshop
leggings: asos
shoes: country road

yeah those are my new leggings they're so so soft :D but slightly sheer when worn though (sorry la my legs very fat cannot ar)

because... u cannot see my nose here haha =P

fei zai was caught about 2 weeks ago. =( Lucky enough tiger and chubs are still around, and now they enjoy being rubbed/pat/hugged/cuddled by me. So cute... At least now I have "pets" stray one wtf, but still something to let me cuddle wuddle <3

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revel in me said...

Love the leggings!! <3

Omg if you look closely at fei zai long enough, it looks like brother hoe WTFFF!