Thursday, March 04, 2010

Prolly the last

Very happy with my trip to chaddie the other day before knowing I have to spend half a grand on textbooks. T_T Fucking textbooks so cheebye expensive =((((

Alannah Hill was having some major clearance like 50% off!!! And it was fated for me to have the shorts =P I know it's like gonna be Autumn Winter in Aus like now supposedly but who cares!! :D Rodarte and Chistopher Kane have florals and pastels in their A/W collection so why can't I wear florals!! :D

Bardot top and camel pleat shorts and Forever New. I think I have like a beret from each of their collection. Cause they're so pretty!!!

Sucker for pearls and beaded things. Like my topshop cardi (will tell the story another time =3 )

I think I'm now shopping for things that I'd die in them or like live in them instead of buying trendwhore shit. It's just my method of shopping less.. Who cares about repeating clothes when you know how to dress differently =P

I wanna print fabric of the design on the tissue they have in AH, and like paste them on my wall =D Wallpaper diy wtf


Sorry sucker for diamantes, but I know it wouldn't last cause like few of the buttons from my AH cardis fell off during my trip to Macau. It's their spoilt nature of telling me that they don't like to fly in Airasia wtf (and yes incase you were wondering we sat Airasia to Macau last December)

And I'm high on caffeine!! :D

And then I have to save now no more shopping except for shopping for new room :) cause I just spent freaking 500 bucks on textbooks. 500. FIVEFREAKINGHUNDRED fml


Jing said...

Omg shucks i hve the exact same beret! T_T

plain.jane said...

i agree on > Who cares about repeating clothes when you know how to dress differently!

way to go!

Vivien said...

Omg everything is so fucking cute I cannot stand it omg <3

jaclyn said...

i have the exact headband! great minds do think alike ;) and i almost bought those shorts, but i changed my mind and about a different pair instead.

tofu said...

how much did the headband cost after discount??

mustardqueen said...

jing: shit... u go back exchange la -_-

plain jane: Yeap! I've been getting mostly basic/neutral tones, so it's easier to mix and match, have been buying mostly pastels though, it's mad love!!!

vivien: :D THank u!!! =DD

jaclyn: GREAT MINDS!!! =P haha but i really liked the shorts before it went on sale, then now it's half the price and last piece in my size, fated!! =D

tofu: I didn't get that on sale, that's the current season accessories it was 69. :)