Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pure illusion

Mesmerized by the stars at night. So bright, down upon me.

Recently decided to flip around my bed, no thanks to this weird pillar thingy blocking in my already very tiny room, unable to fit the bed to the wall (you know insecure ppl like me needs a wall to lean to) and I can't sleep with my face facing the wardrobe door (pantang shit)

I was so desperate I didn't mind shifting my table and face the room door cause I hated my room. -_- little did I know my table was screwed to the wall and MOUNTED too fml.

I love it now. It's so simple and so pretty. And I got new egyptian cotton sheets (only 400 thread count though cause they don't have higher counts one, either 400 thread count or I pay 300aud wtf) <3 So soft and cuddly now I can sleep well =3


cute hor?

me and Nancy being gay =P can see my wig looking bangs popping wtf

wall decals. KMart FTW!!! The wall decals were only 10 dollars for 3 sheets!! I ran outta places to stick them wtf so I stuck birds on the fairy lights and my wardrobe door and bedside table wtf

HEE, wacky picture of me and the sisters. My backbone for everything. :) *LOVE*

door to Narnia wtf my feet is gonna take its first step to Narnia!! ;D

messy leh. It's perpetually this condition cause I dunno where else I can store. I have hidden pairs of boots and uggs somewhere around wtf Let's play spot the shoe WTF!!! Copy the image then circle with red paint,upload it and comment and email me wtf!!!

And that's theonly luggage I brought with me for the last 2 times I came back how did I manage to fit all these shit in T_T


choco said...

WTF lor.

Your room damn nice leh.

My room over here in clayton damn lauyah wan. Everything is like 150 years old or something.


revel in me said...

Omg I love your room!!! Mad love! <3

Will you welcome us to stay in your room this year!! :P

And you girls are my backbone too. *kissssss*

siewkwan said...

So nice. U shud do something like interior design or something, I see talent!

Nazihah said...

I love your room omg! The lights! Totally gorgeous :^)

ilya said...

u sure use "wtf" alot

mustardqueen said...

choco: that's cause I didn't show you my study table, the chair is from the 70s and the table has marble top!! WTF RIGHT!!! Like the ugliest shit ever, so not matching with my bed area -_-

RIM: OF COS!! But u sleep on the floor wtf hhahahahahahah

siewkwan: no la no potential, all inspired by ppl on tumblr. Then I add my own touch to it. :)

nazihah: thank u!!:) Go Ikea and buy the lights la, or jst any xmas/cny/raya lights.:D

ilya: WTF is ur problem?