Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Guess who's going to ga ga ga ga ga LADY GAGA tonight!!! :D

Should I put on a bow hair? Or should I wear all sequins or not wear pants wtfffffff

Too bad I don't have like a MASSIVE bow to wear, massive I mean like, size of a laptop on my head. :P Or should I bring the Cisco IP phone and wear on my head wtfffff

EXCITED EXCITED!!! :D Josh said it was NUTS cause he went to the show last night and I'm going today!!! And he wants to go to the show in Sydney cause then we'll be there :P OMG

I dunno, I think this is my first ever paid concert, like for real kinda concert not sponsored ala Daughtry in 2008 :P And it's GAGA :D

Here are the promised pictures of not so recent purchases from last week's Chadstone sales. :) Well, it wasn't as great as the first time I went when I spent like X amount of money. But I did snap up some pretty decent deals :D

Olive grey/brown (i can never be able to tell you the name of this colour, it's neither brown/olive/grey it's a mixture of all!!) bloomers with pleats and coral drapey shorts from Witchery.

I love em both!! I remember wanting to get the coral ones but it was $49.95 now it's down to 29.95 with 30% off :D $20 shorts anyone? :P And my size, and it's silk, mad love.

Then the bloomers, cause I always wanted a pair of silk shorts that I can wear at waist and the length was ok and it's made from silk also. :D Also 30% off :D:D:D:D

Yalah Witchery was mad, you have to spend $150 to get 20% off, which is possible cause one item already $120 -_-

White lined blazer from Forever New, was reduced and discounted further :D Fated lor =P

Here's a very mengada picture of me wearing it =P With my new way of twisting belts :P

Can I get a "Room Service Please?" haha name of my headband from Alannah Hill. Sorry I cannot tear myself away from the headbands in AH, they're all so pretty...
Baby made out from navy silk and turquoise grosgrain with diamante appliques. :) So pretty. I think I wanna get the other colour as well *heart*

ignore my regrowth and see how pretty it is and how silky my hair is :D (Schwarzkopf ftw)

reason why you visit me (and cause my arm looks thin here =3)

nude ballet flats from Country Road. I am sick of buying cheapo polyester flats from Cotton On (though I bought a pair that day shared with Rach ;P) so I paid a little bit more (actually enough to get a few pairs fml) and this is me new favourite!! Sorry Tony Bianco, you gave me way too many blisters then by giving me support when I walk. :P

Best thing?? Real leather baby, my feet don't smell (yet) :P (just you wait haha)

other random buys:
forever new pastel scarf (think might wanna refund this =/)
Cotton On tank tops for only $5!!!
Typo by Cotton On Skull Notebook (yes cotton on now has stationery and house decor! but only in Australia :P)
Mac concealer

Outfit for yesterday. Woke up at 8.40 for a 9am tutorial I am winner.

Long story, dropped my phone on the ground battery pack came out so I had to reset the time. Then I forgotten the fact that my phone is in like 24 hour system. So woke up, checked time, it was 20.38 but sun was still shining I am pretty sure I did not slept the entire day away. Checked time on house phone.

fuck. It's 8.40 am. T_T Brain did not register 20.38 cause just woke up.

So I whipped up this outfit in less than a minute and is very proud. :P And also the outfit that made me sick cause was wearing shorts -_- It was only 16 degrees lor I can do better than that!!

Guess who lost 2 kgs :D Yeay the running did help =DDDD

twisted belt I like :)

tank top with pocket: Cotton On ($5!!)
High Waisted Pinstripe shorts: Supre
Tan woven belt: Rubi
Shoes: Country Road
Exposed bra optional, but if you want to fall sick please wear something loose enough to show your bra wtf I guess that is how I fell sick -.-

Haven't been accessoring much. Haven't been feeling a lot like myself lately. Maybe later.

Now gaga time :)

And yah I hate my mirror I look like some parts of me kena cut off while taking outfits. meh.


Ami Schaheera said...

so cute! love the hairband, white blazer(!!so pure), that nude flats and lovely shorts <3

wear sparkles tonight and send my loooooooove to Gaga!!

jaclyn said...

omg, we pretty much have all the same headbands from AH, except that i got the black one instead.

Rachelle said...

Ah~ am so jealous that you're going to go see Lady Gaga! I wanna see her do her thang in concert too! Haha I'm sure it'll be a blast! XD

Btw, the headband is gorgeous! :)

ally said...

i love love love love LOOOVEEE ur supre shorts!

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