Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am in deep shit. =/

p/s: Nothing to do with overspending and things but just my life.


Called grandmama last night to wish her Happy Birthday with only 5 dollars credit left, it was well worth it. She sounded delighted, like literally her voice brighten when I said Happy Birthday despite the fact that I'm one day late. I felt so good, being able to make her happy. And she was updating me about le familia de horreuer. And I felt very bad when I said goodbye, she sounded she was about to cry. =( Shall call home more often.


I'm getting a new laptop. And I'm on budget. So I'm getting a Macbook (no, not pro I'm on a budget). Windows have been giving me enough troubles, and apparently my motherboard is screwed, and it'll cost about 500-600 AUD to fix wtf. Not worth at all. Kinda happy and shock and happy and in shock when the technician told me to diagnose the problem and fix will take approximately 7 (hyperventilate already) TO 28 days (I almost screamed)...

So. Mac it is. =D


Haven't been going out lately, but will post buys from Chaddie VIP sale soon. Still in daze with my buys hee.


Have been "working out" lately. Plan to run on alternate days. Run as in walk-jog-walk-jog. I'm building up my stamina. I can feel that my stamina is stronger as days go by and it's a good thing :D And have been doing planks to tighten em muscles!!! Did 130 seconds worth of plank and god I am dying. Wrote in seconds cause then it seem longer more pro wtf. :P

My plan? To shed about 5 kgs first then another 5. And I'll do 1 hour cardio on alternate days. But please let me have my food. What, walking is also cardio ok!! Shopping will be in the itinerary wtf :P

I figured reductil ain't doing its job too well but when I'm feeling fat I shall take one haha


March budget blew BIG TIME. =/

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