Friday, March 19, 2010


My laptop is not charging at all. =( It's like, a human lying on his/her deathbed, and hooked onto all sorts of equipments just to sustain life. And then people around her (yes laptop is a girl wtf) are held in suspense. The wait. The wait that always seemed very long, and usually is so very long. The time spent on waiting for the results, to know, is always long. Not even the most patient person like me can wait.


If you are dying could you at least let me know at least I don't have to wait in anger, in frustration, in sorrow. Making my life so troubled.

And then when it is confirmed, what do I do with you? What am I to do? Do I find a replacement?

And then the question to mac or not to mac? I am seriously considering this matter because windows seem to be giving everyone so much trouble. =/


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YiNKy said...

i call my laptop a desktop. cause seriously, my batt is almost dead. it can charge but wouldnt last more than 1 hour. :O