Monday, April 12, 2010

From dusk to dawn

Somedays, when mornings are bright and sunshiney, the sky is always in this gorgeous hue of pink. Same goes to sunsets, everyday ends with a different hue, I love it when it's shades of blues and oranges and red, slightly confused but pretty nevertheless.

And then I'm talking about colours, Lemme show you my new favourite colour. No points guessing what is it :P:P:P

Recent purchases that I looooooooooooooooooooooooove and WILL be wearing a lot (not all of them but most of them :P)

Been on some crazy crazy crazy Forever New spree lately and they're not exactly the cheapest thing in the world but all hail DFO! :D Got a jewelled clutch for 5 bucks and balance up the average with some skirts and dresses =P Then there was this spend 100 bucks and get 30 bucks off thingy which I got 2 in 2 days :D No thanks to the existence of the evil sister who influence people to buy things T_T Hate it when shops come out with these schemes to make us spend moe no wonder Aussie dollars are still going strong and stronger fml.

digital print chrysanthemum full skirt!! Feels like silk but is actually polyester fml T_T But love it!!!

the sold-out but I found it velvet stripey mesh poofy skirt from random store at Sydney!! You know they have those stores that carries few brands in a store, yeah. Got it there and is love :D Fated I tell you :P

Rosey posey my lovely, skirt from Asos. :) Last piece last colour last size which is MY SIZE :D Friends were giving me THE look when I took it out from the package and asked what is this. I said " It's a skirt!!!" O_o hahahahahaha Only some people can appreciate this :)

pleat-a-treat top omg I am in LOVE! I tried it on for like twice and everytime I walk into Forever New I'll be stroking it and try it on but will not be satisfied then I went back again it was sold out T_T Saw this in Bondi Junction back in Sydney and I took a size 10 and tried it on and loved it. Never again will I let you off my hands wtfwtf!! Love the pleats, love the frills at the arms, It's chat tight at the tummy area but I just had 17 course DimSum :P:P *excuses*

Cape!!!!! I've been lusting over since last year's winter and regret not buying it and is not happy. Fuck that shit that says never regret because at point in life you thought you were right shit, I regretted not getting it k! But yeah now I have 30 bucks off I'm happy. :D It's so warm!!!! And I can slot my hands in front there's a pocket!!! :D And I love the little bow chain thingy at the tag there. YALAH I know I'm wearing a size 12 SO!!??? Big deal bitch.

Trench, or the brits call it mac? Is it?? Anyway yeah it's cheap so I needed a trench so yes. Cannot afford Burberry Prorsom twisted knotted one I buy cheapo one. And it's soft so I like :D

CHEAP MONDAYS!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Posed it like how I jumped on Manly Beach cause I'm happy like that. :D


I went into 5 different General Pants store in the SAME DAY and checked different stores if they still have my size and then voila, I got mine. :) I was suppose to meet yingxin and I suggested Oxford St cause they have it in my size and I needed to go there!!! And then I tried it on it was DAMN LAN TIGHT hahahahahahahaha yeah lan tight and I got it cause I LOVE IT!!! :D It's like such a bitchy jeans I can go like I just spent X amount on this pair of patchwork jeans to show I'm poor wtf.

Yah there's more but erm... THAT IS FOR ANOTHER POST :D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D I'm so happy just stroking my clothes. NOMMMMM they're so good I can eat them. ok not I won't eat them I'll love my clothes and hug them to sleep *melt* I'm going slightly insane. :P


lyss said...

the rose skirt is gorgeous! :) and i love ur pale pink jacket too. more gorgeous buys posts please! ;)

Vic said...

damn pretty lah all your buys. haih i miss shopping in melb!!

Mel said...

i esp love the pink cape and the rose sculptured skirt (now that is what I called fashion).

mustardqueen said...

lyss: thank u... I love em allllllll :D:D:D:D Whoaaaa post summore u gimme money to shop isit :P haha

vic: I think I'll die when I go back to KL for good =/ Just come back for visiting la then shop kao kao =PPP

mel: HEE!!! The rose skirt is major :P Like i cannot find it anywhere =D