Sunday, April 25, 2010


Tomorrow will be the today that I'll be eating no meat, for the love of my grandpa. :) He was admitted to the hospital last week and me being me, being as helpless as ever, all I can do was pray. Praying that he will be fine and nothing serious will happen. I know miracles do not come by often nor they exist, but when you believe in it, it might someday work some magic upon you.

And then I promised that I'll go on a vegetarian diet for 2 weeks. That is the best I could do. As much as I love my meat, I love my grandpa more, what is 2 weeks of meat as compared to him? If anything *touchwood* happens, I'll donate my organs to them if I'm allowed to. And because I can only offer so much to them for how much I love them, I pray. We're not on some religious topics here, but somehow it gives us this ratification that things will somehow turn out not as bad as you thought it might me, it makes thing less blurry, it makes thing more certain, as if everything will turn out fine. It gives us hope, in hope of a miracle.

But you do know that, someday, something might not be able to be rescued by a mere miracle that you believe in, but at least you did your best. Your prayers may not be answered but at least it gave us that one moment of hope, it gives us that 50% of chance that things might turn out well, instead of being pessimistic about something bad will 100% for sure not turn out well.

So few days ago, was binging day. Had a massive indonesian meal in the city and belgian waffles at Max Brenners'. Not to mention, I was in this super tight top that is not stretchy fml, and after stuffing in so much food, I almost died from suffocating T_T

I look almost pregnant T_T And sorry was in a hurry I had no time to think what to wear for bottoms, and I didn't wanna look naked with nude shorts on. T_T HEE I love the knotted belt trend going on, it makes me look, less plain =P

and because a picture of me having a sharp jaw don't come very often, or should I say it never happened wtf! don't chu just miss my overly ps-ed face!!??? Actually not much photoshopping lor, just twitch the lighting abit (meaning I slap on too much makeup wtf) heee

lunch at St Kilda's one fine day when Jing was still in Melbourne. And my ***then*** glorious fake RM 4.90 bangkok aviators which I loved. Then, meaning the side came off due to, I dunno how. It just broke off. Now I'm in search of the perfect pair of aviators. =( The Rayban ones doesn't seem to suit my face well =(

life through rose tinted glasses. Tights from asos.

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