Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Turmoil of Awakenings

A Happy Birthday to me, to you and everyone else.

Today I am one day older and as you grow older, you grow wiser. And you wonder why the wiseman is always older.

You see things more clearly, the veil unlifts itself and reveal a clearer vision, the vision of truth, betrayal, sadness, happiness, anger, merriness, and all the emotions in the world. You can't just be like Heath Ledger and escape to the Mars when things goes downhill and see the world as a speckle. You cannot run away from fear, tears, pain. But then when things seem to be so small you just can't be bothered and you don't think about it anymore.

And I think, life is a veil. Certain times when you wished not to be seen, you pull it down, hide away from everything and everything. People can only take a peek through the tiny weave holes and they will have to figure out. Then there are the times when they will lift up your veil at the most unexpected times, living you in shock, in horror and you quickly pull your veil down. But by then everyone has seem everything, your fear, your thoughts your everything. It can be metaphorically said that it's like living in a nutshell or a closet with closed doors. And then some times you might want to see things more clearly and you wear this thin veil, made from the finest lace, so thin you can see through everything.

At this point of life, just let me live under this veil of darkness, made from black solid linen that I wish no one could see through nor me seeing anything out from it.

This post reflects my life metaphorically, sorta.


LavenderFloret said...

eh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may we all grow wiser ohm~ lol

Lisa said...

u're so emo.....
anyway happy birthday

Lisa said...

wait..u're a sagitarius rite in ur previous post.
then it cant be ur bd..

mustardqueen said...

lavenderfloret: HEE may we all grow wider *toast* :)

Lisa: Kinda haha happy birthday to u too. I think you didn't get my post, it's about all of us growing one day older and it is worth celebrating everyday like it's your birthday, it doesn't matter if ur birthday is in december or january, you grow one day older everyday and Happy Birthday to you too. :)

Brenda Y said...

I get it, it makes sense now. It's like when they say everyday should be just like valentine's day. :P Well happy birthday to you too. :)

revel in me said...

This, is beautifully written. :)

Happy birthday to you.

And happy birthYEAR to me sooon!! PRESENTS PLEASEEEE! :P