Monday, May 24, 2010

Cambridge Batchel

You know how I'm a sucker for messenger bags, what more with some backpack straps and a top handle?

I thought I found the perfect one from Asos, and then it came over and disappoint me like my SPM results, and little did I know, it might be fate that i found a better one. Slightly more expensive but I am pretty sure that it'll worth every single penny on it. :D

this picture was taken from jakandjil. Right away, it blew my mind, with its smooth texture, shiny leather. And your name embossed on it? Perfect.

And as I was looking through the comments, susiebubble commented that it's a very common thing in London, and it's from Cambridge Satchel.

And then I went to the site and saw THIS baby. Deep Purple (smoke in the water wtfwtf) in an almost blue tone. How elegant.

Then I saw descriptions of how you can get a backpack too!! And went high and low reading the instructions on how to find a picture of the backpack strap. And was once again blown away.

little back riding hood. *heart*

YAY NAY??? I think I'll go with the shoulder purple, then a tan backpack. the red looks cute too!! And black will be really nice in that leather mmmmmmmmm fickle. ARGH I just found out the yellow is gorgeous too....

Sorry since I cannot afford the miumiu ones with the weave like material and braided top handle, I will just settle for less I'm not greedy.


Lisa! said...

Definitely a YAY!
Loves it!

s kim said...

that is too gorgeous! i want one too!
must get one...i'll tell my dad it's a school it's justified..

Anonymous said...

i 'stole' the music bag from my brother and then my other brother 'stole' the music bag from me !

i like the red back pack.

Irenelim said...

Oh, these bags are pretty! (Looking at s kim's comment, does it look like a school bag? :))

♥PingPing♥ said...

the postage is expensive :(