Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bird chirping.

I have succumbed and joined the twitter bandwagon.

I wasn't happy that mustardqueen was taken, so I added underscore in between. Follow me. I have absolutely no idea how do you add the box for people to see live updates at the side bar, and my sidebar is rather full as you can see. So. Prolly just a link to let people know I have a twitter.

OH anyone know how to link facebook to twitter? Cause I cannot be bothered to update my very witty lines twice!!! If updated twice then not funny already hee.



electronicfly said...

Your account has been set on Private leh :/ I is sent request; I is @electronicfly :D

and if you wanna add the widget on your blog, go to http://twitter.com/goodies/widgets

Irenelim said...

Oh, Twitter, I haven't tried yet. Haha...

theblogaboutsomething said...

hmm..what so good about twitter?