Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Condition Code

Remember this messenger bag? I got it from Asos at a hefty price and guess what? The quality is shit, and it IS very soft since it's leather and all, but too soft it lose its shape and the buckle came off. Like the twisty buckle was detached from the flap! How am I suppose to use the handle if the buckle cannot be locked?? And let my belongings fall out of it? =( So sad... It's fated la that I have to get either PS1 or Alexa cause then it'll rid my worries of buckle is faulty blablabla...

Oh and did I mention that the strap is like totally not supportive of the bag? Cause I discovered that there's a stitching at the middle of the strap, and the stitching is getting loose wtf. -_- I'm not gonna lie that this bag cost me 70 pounds, which is a lot... And I paid a hell sum to ship it back for a refund, but it's better I get about 70% of the money I paid for than to have a bag that I cannot use at all right?

T_T So sad, I really liked the bag, but it's such poor quality, and it's not like how it looks like in pictures. =( And the quality is shit leh!!! The seams were not coated with a layer or plastic to seal it together!!! And it wasn't sewn properly too. =( Maybe this is a lesson to teach me not to buy cheap things wtf (not even cheap lor -_-) Maybe buying designer brands DOES have its boons. :)

Life has been tough on me, but I am standing strong (and sleepy). Have been sleeping at 3am and waking up at 7 am just cause my body clock decided to fuck me up. And I've been waking up early during weekends as well for work. And then sleeping late for completing assignments. If you're thinking that I'm screwing my course for working, you're wrong. I am the type who can only work at night, and I procrastinate in the day, so why not work while I procrastinate!?

And pimples omg... Suppose to be cleared by now after menses but then it's still popping out due to (a) stress (b) not enough rest (c) JUNK FOOD -_- Have been binging on grain waves (mmm so good) and coffee I shall now announce I am a coffee addict!!! Hi I am Hui Ting and I am a coffee addict. MMMMMM Gloria Jean's Ice coffee with whipped cream with caramel sauce and sprinkled cinnamon is so good!! Not to mention the calories I'm taking in T_T fml


sharon said...

U poor thing! Few days ago I was just oohing about ur brogues & bags and then today I see this :(

p.s. I am also the type who procrastinates WHOLE day, and can only work at night. :/

and to amuse you: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/u90/c1loya/horse-1.gif

Anonymous said...

those uncle toby bars are heaty!! gonna cause even more pimples!! lol

revel in me said...

Coffeebean with me when you are back? ;)