Thursday, June 24, 2010

And in Life?

Perceptions, something I learn everytime I see something new. Judgements from people, what people think of this that you me everything everyone. What makes perceptions? What makes them perceive?

And if people perceive that life is short and shouldn't waste time then why are some wasting their lives away and not doing what they want in life? Is that what they want in life? And if life is so short why did god made life when it will die, it will crash, and everything gone in less than one split second?

Is it true? When something is ambiguous and uncertain, we tend to be more cautious about way of things, we don't create our rules, we follow norms that has been set by people, norms that some do not even make sense, but we're just blind followers. And then in life, are we making our own rules?? Living like there's no tomorrow, make happiness out of it, forget the past, live the future, is that true? All we said it but have we truly done it yet? Did we achieve what we want and is that what we've always wanted?

And then sometimes we get inspired, we get thoughts and quotes that inspire us so much, some even tattoo it across their wrists, body parts everywhere to remind themselves of what they want but in the end it's just useless ink embedded under their skin for life and the only thing that they achieve is the thought that they once wanted to achieve. And then someday I will be one of them because I want to try. All things new, to have this needle travelling at about 20km/hour or insert some speed limit based on your own judgement (see judgments again) and have the thought of something so meaningful and get it under your skin.

And then there are the hypocrites, who say something, but do the other thing. Walk the walk but they don't talk the talk. Do they coexist? Are they actually doing the things they said they will do but just that we didn't see it? Or are they pure hypocrites that they need 2 heads, they need to brains to function.

I don't know, life, so wonderful yet dreadful. It can go from one point travelling in Disney where fairytales happen to another point where death, war, politics to losing something. Is it that bad??

And distorted thoughts, where will I go after I die? Will it just be like when I sleep? Will I face demons and satans just cause I'm not Christian but will my beloved guan yin ma rescue me for the things I have sacrificed? I'm uncertain, will I see the light at the end of the tunnel (well metaphorically I think end of my life) Is it a long sleep, but since I'm dead what if it's really like my sleep where I have dreams, will those dreams actually are my life after I die and is there afterall an afterlife?

see I'm so uncertain, I want to know about so many things, things that the past will only make us realise, make us know. Is that true that the history creates reality for us? The reality we came to realise that it happened, it was there, it was true like me getting starstruck when I see Gaga, and when I realise that getting a dreambag is true, and then how it shaped us? 10 decisions that shape or lives, what is that 10 decisions, do my parents make some for me that shaped some part of my life? Is that how you shape one self??

But all I know from here is, this journey that I've been walking all this while, it always begin with a step. But how big this step is? It depends how far you can leap, depends how far you want to get.

No, this is not a suicide note although I am pretty suicidal now seeing that I have to go through another 29 hours till my last paper. 7 Being in bed, and 2.5 hours being the exam itself. 20 hours, ain't that bad eh?? See I'm being optimistic.

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