Sunday, June 20, 2010

I popped the question

Eh babies!! Please clear some stuff for me please please please????? :) They're like super dirt cheap now I just wanna get rid of it my closet is exploding!!!!! :D Click HERE. *love*

Just a random note, I'm going back in about 9 days time and I cannot wait and then my sisters have to rub it in that they're home, reunited SOON Excluding me T_____T

Today is father's day and I'm sure they'll be having some celebration dinner thingy if not some replacement some time soon without me <=( All I can do is look at my miumiu shoes (erm cause it's a "gift" wtf) that can make me feel better T_T I want more. T_T And then Jing posted this picture with the caption "My Happy Candy" wtf I gave her this packet of Mango Fruit Plus that she managed to smuggle over to Newcastle without declaring it haha!!! One of my favourite candies, it taste like Mango puddings you buy from supermarkets (the cheapest kind, and it's a compliment cause they taste the BEST!)


Just incase you've forgotten how I look like, my regrowth is now 3 inches long, and it's not that obvious in pictures but it is disgusting. I wanna have ombre hair!!!!!! and pictures were taken during rach's party and I look, I dunno normal??

Seriously I am contemplating to get braces, or more like I WANNA GETTTT!!! Cause every fucking picture just shows my teeth is like, UGLY! =( And can lose weight nommmmm hahahahahahahaa

So I hide my teeth by not smiling T_T why got underline wan T_T

HAHAHAHAHAHAAH I dunno why every picture I was tagged I was munching on something!!!!! I'm a proud erm, party helper okay, I helped made the tiramisu by whipping the egg whites to form stiff peaks and I did two batches *flex muscles* and I'm eating it in the picture wtf. Hard work paid off. :P

fml I'm chat fat now, after reading what my dad did to my sis ie poke her fats wtf, I think I need to like, develop an eating disorder before I go home. =/

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LyaNa HaNiff said...

omg i miss reading your blog!