Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I am not sure if ur aware of my recent crazy obsession with cats, but I used to have 5 cats roaming around my flats and then 3 was caught (may you rest in peace fei zai, emo and no name amen wtf) and there were 2 left. One was named Chubs (short for chubby wtf which is the new fei zai) and one is unnamed so I name it Tiger cause it has, well prints like a leopard and I didn't wanna name it Leopard/Leo/Puma wtf so Tiger! :D hahahaha

Not sure if you can see but here's embed video my housemate took of my the cats hunting a bird T_T They eat bird now lor bloody cats later really become tiger fml T_T

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Foong Jin said...

SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE! Making me miss my cat at home! (Am in the office right now haha)