Monday, June 07, 2010

Glass slippers

OK I LIED!!! The picture I posted on the Miumiu wasn't mine!!!!

Are you hating me now hahahahha

Cause I was lazy to take my own picture and so I randomly found one on tumblr and posted it heee

All happened with a call from my mom who crazily went to KLCC for miumiu's sale at 12.24 noon Australian time (meaning that siao zhabo went at 10am and bought stuff at 10.24, Malaysian time, impulsive much?) and she was bouncing in her phone call saying she got this and this and this and was so excited and asked me which pair do I like and in the end she asked me to get one for myself *love*

Here;s my version of unwrapping. Unwrapping is ALWAYS the best part. :)


Nothing feels better than that incredible paper/fabric blend material of the bag and the box!! And tied with grosgrains that's love. :) And the irony of my paper bag next to the printed miumiu sparrow clogs -_-

Pardon the half picture of the shoe cause my feet is in a BAD state. I went to see a doctor and hallelujah that a more experienced doctor was seeing me and then at first glance she said it's bacteria infection. -_- And it's not ringworm -_- Wrong diagnosis by the previous doc 2 weeks ago means my leg was actually recovering by itself and wasn't cause of the medicine. -_- And then I was prescribed with some antibiotics which smelled like a puke and hair dye concoction. And I think it helped a little I think the swelling has gone down a little. We'll see after 5 days if the dose of puke and ammonia will help.

That's all.

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ps: To that 20 something new followers since yesterday you followed just to see what I bought right hate you!


Jing said...

Looks better than on Skype!!!


Joshua said...

HATE YOU, boo. I can't afford to get anything and didn't find anything unaffordable that I liked, wtf.

Faridah Zulkiflie said...

So cantikkkkkk!!

Anonymous said...

ur p/s comment is so bratty.