Saturday, June 05, 2010

Can't smile cause it's over

Remember I told you bout the skin infection thingy call ringworm on my feet?? I was so happy it's finally fading and the scars and marks are almost gone then last night my left calve was really itchy I thought to myself "fuck".

Then this morning I woke up from a really bad nightmare of my house having ghosts who act like they're still alive and came to talk to us. Not one but 5 in each of our rooms, which actually have 2 beds and tables meant for 2 people T_T Fucking scary right.

Then I wokeup with a slightly sore leg, and HOMAIGAD there's a huge 3inch wide in diameter swell (or whatever u call it the object of the term swollen sorry england no good when panic) And it's painful when I stand up. =( I applied few layers of the cream prescribed and i'll see how it goes. =( Not looking forward to work in this condition.

Maybe it's karma for buying pretty shoes, but why? =(

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