Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'm on a sugar high high high

I think I'm slowly getting diabetes, or already got it looking at the rate I'm drinking coffee with whipped cream and caramel and cinnamon and muesli bars with honey sugar chocolate chips.

I think *touchwood* by 30 I'll have no legs and dead.


Tastes different from Uncle Toby's, but every single chunk of this shit is just mmmmm ORGASMIC I tell you. Every bite sends me to hell cause it's so sinful.

I call it Queen-Bee bar. It's like, energy bar, with the queen-bee in it. No pun intended wtf cause got honey haha

When it comes to cooking I don't use measuring cups whatsoever (unless it's a proper cake but usually I just add till I think it's the right concentration or I think it's enough.)

So yeah I cook with estimation, when everything goes according to measurements, are you like gonna come up with a contingency plan to solve it if anything goes haywire? -_- Sorry marketing makes me sick. T_T

Anyway ingredients:

Uncle Toby's oats (the raw, uncooked, flavourless ones ar not the muesli bar melted wtf)
Coco Pops (decided to use coco pops cause I like the rice krispies crunchiness in my bars and cause I didn't like Cocopops so decided to add into it cause I'm cheapskate I refuse to buy rice krispies)
a bit of butter, but half cm thick from a cube of butter.
brown sugar

If possible lay off the brown sugar cause my first batch was TOO SWEET. Cause I added too much brown sugar. Just melt butter and add honey and a teeny bit of sugar (melt in a pot on top of the stove or microwave if you're lazy).

Remember to cook the oats too!! What I did it I put it into a tray and shove it into the oven just mix it occasionally and cook till golden brown. OR you can pour into a pot/pan/wok and cook it on the stove, stir for even golden brown.

MIX!!!! Then shape in a tin/pan/container and let cool.

ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE omg this is so good. I used chopped apples but it was too moist, so if possible dry your apples (I dunno how just google it you should get something out of it) and add cinnamon into your honey concoction, then mix the FINELY chopped apples, oats, rice krispies (my case I used coco pops again, trying to finish them la ish) and MIXXXXXX :D

It is SO GOOD!!!!! Again I used estimation, I'm a strong cinnamon fan so I added like, easily 2 tablespoons wtf. Ground cinnamon powder k not the cinnamon sticks. :)

Then you get apple cinnamon muesli bar (sorry should be breakfast bar cause there's no muesli in it hhaahhaah)



I feel like this candle now, so weak. Burning dimly in the dark, going off anytime soon.

But then such is life, you'll need to trim the wick sometimes to get it burning stronger. But then not too hard, cause when the wick is too long it'll smoke and eventually you'll need to blow it off (so the smoke alarm won't go off wtf)

Moral of the story is, keep it simple, trim the wick when necessary.

Whatever that implies in your life, however you want to interpret it. Life, is like a burning candle.


jean` said...

i used to buy uncle toby's bars until i realize they were so addictive!

i had a sudden craving for sugar last week and ended up nomming half a bar of cadbury hazelnuts fml

just made red velvet cupcakes to satisfy the sugar rush :D

all the best for the upcoming papers :)

Jing said...

I thought the picture of the candles was a toilet bowl WTF! Wanted to scold you for keeping ur toilet so dirty wtf!