Monday, June 28, 2010

I'll never be the same if we ever meet again

Each time, it leads to a different path. Each time I leave this place, things changes, I change my room twice last semester and each time I had to pack everything together.

This time, when I come back, it will be the same. The same room that I left with. But will I be the same? Will things be the same?

I am unsure, uncertain.

One thing I know things will change back here. People changes, things changes, weather changes, everything is unpredictable.

My brother was talking to me on MSN suspecting that he had chicken pox and linked me to this kids diagnosis site, it was cute. One thing didn't change that, he'll forever be my younger brother, naive, but always younger (and maybe taller). Everytime I go back I see people grow, change. My heart sank a little. And then I bid a goodbye, followed by a "see you 2mw". And there, it IS true that I'm going home for winter break.

Each time I live a familiar place, my heart sank a little, not knowing what will happen (afterall there is still risk embedded in taking flights no?) and as much as I love being home with people I love, I love this place I am now too. With the freedom I want, all the things I can do and enjoy doing.

This feeling of you're so close, but about 12 hours away. The anticipation killed me. I just wanna fast forward time. And then when I started bonding with people, it's like time has been rewind to where it all began. Nothing has changed, like we've just met recently. I call it the 2nd life. Repeating over and over. Like a VCR player, you can playback and rewind and playback or fast forward to the ending.

If only I could rewind it back like the VCR.

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LavenderFloret said...

exactly my thought, woman you always capture what i feel and write what i didn't lol

that's studying abroad for us, le sigh