Saturday, July 03, 2010

Where for Arty thou?

You know it is gonna happen when I posted that picture didn't you?? YSL Arty Ring is finally mine. It was like the same old love story. At first sight, it was just, it's just okay, nothing fantastic. And then there will be someone something to encourage you saying it is THE one. And then other environmental factors that reinforces the urge. Then and I finally wanted to say YES and it was gone. I was heart shattered. And one fine day, fate struck us, it was there again and so I proceeded. And pressed checkout. :) And i think I snapped up a pretty good deal seeing that it's even cheaper than the US store retail price :P And you know how they say shopping in the US is always cheaper but not this time, no thanks to the low pounds exchange rate. :)

Like they say, to be invulnerable, you will have to guard your heart with little luxuries. And when they say it's fated, fate always comes with a price tag.

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s kim said...

NOM <3
fuck that is gorgeous.