Sunday, June 06, 2010

Melbourne crazy weather: 1, Me: 0

As fucked up as the weather I am kinda fucked up too. Period makes people cranky and moody and I feel like dying with the stupid lump on my calves!!! GRRRRRR

And then it's raining today, and the laptop stand is wobbly. -_- Can it get any worse??

Yesterday I wokeup with an aching leg, can't really stand and walk properly cause I can't straighten my legs, and then I had to go to work, which requires me to balance the shit on the wet floors and walk around and stand for 4 hours. -_- Oh not to mention walking from the station to the mall cause there were no buses running at that hour! :D

Then some drama happened in the stall for not serving authentic tomyum. I wanted to barge in and say "This is Australia, how authentic can the food get" but then the man was kinda raging so I kept quiet.

Then I was suppose to get some groceries on the way back from work and lugging so many things at one go and it was raining. I think there were some hail stones on the ground so was "lucky enough" to not met with the hail storm but raining and I had to walk from the station to my house so...

So I took another bus that will take about 30 minutes but I can skip about 5 minutes of the journey. And I was soaked by the time I got back I felt like dying. Took a shower, had churros with cinnamon sugar but when I opened one of the cupboard for god knows what reason my pasta all fell onto the floor. And then I feel like dying.

I just threw away all the pasta and I just wanted to scream.

Exams in 1.5 weeks. I NEED TO FINISHHH STUDYING SOON fml T_T

And solehhhh need to study first before I can take pictures of my new shoes =p

Hint: It's glittery and it has jewels. <3

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