Saturday, June 19, 2010

Party time!

I need a break. Seriously 3 exams in 5 days I feel like dying. But not sure how I do it last semester with 3 units in 2 days wtf (but then again I had longer break for the 2 papers so that explains) and I did pretty well! So I guess if I put in more effort I can do this *determined*

I am strong. I am STRONG *flex muscles*

Days like these is too good for studying

Sorry I've been trapped in this room call my room wtf and all I can see is this view =( I wish I was out in the city people watching.

Ah Fat. Aka Chubs aka Chubby wtf I feel like a proud momma wtf for tying a helium balloon onto it resulting in a flying cat with a balloon hanging!! HAHAHHA So fucking funny okay it ran SOOOOOO fast with a balloon tied on it RSPCA please don't arrest me I thought it'd stay there obediently I was so so worried and guilty ok =(

Happy 21st Rachel Lian. :)) Updates later

Bubble Tea keeps people sane. My favourite flavours: Milk Tea with Mixed Jelly. Taro Milk tea and Taro Pudding (OMG AWESOME PLS GO TRY!!!!!). Strawberry Milk tea with Egg Pudding (another OMG MUST TRY haha)

Someone please tell me u see something wrong with the smiley face logo of Happy Cup. The stupid smiley looks like it's pointing middle finger to everyone who stab the fat straw onto its face and suck. :D And tell u "sucker u drink more ur gonna be like me all round and pointing middle finger" T_T

I an hui ting and I'm addicted to coffee. period.

I cannot wait till 6 more days till I can walk into a mall, visit my beloved SAs at miumiu and hopefully get something WTF! I need to reward myself for studying so much.....

Please please please let me get what I want (and need) :))))))))))

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gamla said...

Glad to meet another person who thinks bubble tea is great drink. I am a big fan of bubble tea and i think that on hangouts Bubble Tea is much better option than having beers and going crazy ending up with a fight with you friends.