Thursday, July 15, 2010


You know the best thing about home?? Not so much of the freedom, but the pampering I get. Ahhhh.....

I've only washed my hair like, 5 times since I came back?? NO I'm not a dirty poo wtf, I get hairwash from people :D So so so good, you get head massages and neck too! :P love

love my nails =D So pretty. And it was done my a male manucurist. PRO!!! He drew those bows for all the fingers in less than 5 minutes *salutes*

Some loot from MAC in Hong Kong. :) I think I'm a convert now :D:D:D:D I'm always spoilt for choice while choosing the eyeshadows there. nommm I left this mineralize eyeshadow, it's damn blue :O

Yeay! I was so convinced by the lady in Shiseido, she was doing tests on our skin (ie taking really really close up pics of our skin to determine what skin type we are, my skin is normal! :D And it's oily on the t-zone meh why am I surprised.) And she was telling us what should we do, what products, why we should and all. I'm currently using the White Lucent range and I wouldn't say my skin is now flawless, but it has improved. :D

And then it lead me to this topic/discussion thing. Very closely related to real life. Skincare, is like love. When someone tells us/experienced something that is good for them, something promising, like a commitment, we will fall head over heels, trust it, be loyal to it. Just like how we trust in finding someone to love for life, when they make a vow that they ought to commit for their lifetime, the commitment, just like how we choose to purchase our skincare products, we commit to it, we're willing to give it a try, willing to sacrifice a little not knowing what holds the future.

And then when something breaks your trust (breakout breakup wtf), you'll stop using it, stop trusting it, leave the product, leave that person.

So true no?

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