Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well if you don't already know I disappeared to Macau/Zhuhai/HongKong for 5 days. And it was hell tiring, cause I was smart enough to not bring a trolley bag to drag around T_T I had to carry them fml =(

Nothing much happened except for getting fat, eating, getting fat sleeping and shopping then sleep shop watch half a match with half my eyes closed and sleep then ferry train ferry train walk car bus etc around macau hongkong and zhuhai.

It was macau-zhuhai-macau-hongkong-macau. My passport is running low on pages LOL.

But it was fun. Cosmetics in HongKong are so bloody cheap!!! And please do NOT get cheated by shops in HK cause you can find the exact same things for 10 times cheaper in Zhuhai!!!!! I think I saw a pair of shoes going for like 200 RMB, going for HKD1k plus WTF!

MAC is approximately 10% cheaper in HK (Eyeshadows going for HKD 130, which is approx RM 56, KL going for RM 65 if not mistaken) And Shiseido is sooo much cheaper!! I've been using this White Lucent range and it's going for RM 180 for the softener and it's RM 160 after conversion in HK! And the serum is RM 316 after conversion in HK and is going for RM 400 plus in KL!!! Shocking much????!!!!

On another more shocking note. I've once again proven the theory that what Ting Ting wants/needs, TingTing gets. :P

I still remember about 6 months ago I fell in love with the blue one. Then I decided I like the lilac more. Then the tan came in place. I was torn between the tan and the lilac. And then twists of fate, numerous visits later, multiple phone calls begging the mother to buy but rejected, I made the decision of getting it with my own money.

I once told a friend when she asked about my bag, when she asked me how much was it I replied, I need to get a job to pay this baby off. We both nod in agreement. :) I love how some bimbotic friends will agree with some purchases that we've made and we see it as an investment instead of wasting things away. There are always two ways in seeing things, I prefer it like this. :P Well, for example if you don't get your Chanel bag this year, congratulations, they've just hiked their prices by 27% in Europe.

Ladies, here's the reason on why I got myself a job.


Well there IS love at first sight afterall. :)


Katie ♥ said...

oooh so pretty! i LOVED this colour, but my mom insisted on getting me the black one cause it's practical for work /boo :(

help me choose the reason why i work also la woman hahahah

mich said...

bought it in hk??cheaper than msia??

kurthaz said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

mustardqueen said...

katie: Yeah the black one is nice too but I'm impractical like that wtf. Black one cause it wont get as dirty la but i love my lilac <3 so did she get u the black one?

mich: nope, in melb, and it's cheaper than Msia cause they recently had a price reduction cause the AUD was so high. :)

kurthaz: :D:D:D

TenderBlush said...

BABE CANTIK!HOW MUCH??omg... this is insane!!!!ur killing me here!!!hahahaha

shelbybaby said...

omelordyyy! we're in love with the same chica ;) love-purse triangle?

Anonymous said...

hi hon, love this bag and would like to get one if black! however i am new to the brand, what is the name of this beauty? :D thank you so much in advance! :)