Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happier note

Mood swings, aren't we all like that? happy a day, sad the next. My case might be a tad more special, happy a week, sad the next, just slightly longer.

And a spider crawled to the front of my window and stood stationary. I bet it's the same one who come over every single day. Hi spi. :P

As I said on a happier note, or rather a more materialistic note, this two dresses, yay nay?? On sale, Opening Ceremony, looks like the best fit in the world, awesome material.



I'm more keen on the second one, seem more like my kinda thing lately, but not so sure about the open back.. =/ Especially Melbourne winds seem kinda crazy as of late I might find several hail stones tucked in my panties at the end of the day!! haha and the first dress, I dunno.... The colour?? Or maybe my inner slut speaking.

Hmmmmmm this pair of Alexander Wang Abbey shoes... The structure looks amaaaaaayyyyyyyy-ZING.

For a pair of leather shoes that promises comfort and brand image (wtf) it's consider cheappppp after 70% off the price tag. :D

YAYness or NAYness?

I need therapy, seriously, at the rate Australia is promoting all this labour benefits and shit, seeing a psychologist IS indeed more expensive than lavishing myself with pretty clothes. and shoes. and bags. :P


[ miss hazel ] said...

yay for the first dress!! so pretty!

Mars said...

2nd dress definitely. The cut is interesting, edgy and the color looks a little like mustard yellow :D

Anonymous said...

which sites are these babies from Ting? ;)

Anonymous said...

no 1 - no
no 2 - no
no 3 - mmm .. maybe

Anonymous said...

by the way, is it just my eyes playing tricks on me or the first 2 pics, the shoes have some sort of "skirting" ?
-anon 2 above-